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In January I hosted a challenge about promotion fears.  I asked the attendees to list their promotion fears.  I will share a few of their fears and hope they will help you if you are dealing with your own promotion fears.

Today’s Promotion Fear – I Don’t Know What To Promote

When I have virtual tea sessions with my clients, (virtual tea sessions are promotion strategies sessions I have with authors and business owners who need help with their online promotion.) this fear comes up a lot, mainly because most of my clients are winging it when it comes to their promotion.  They haven’t created a plan for their promotion, so they don’t really know what to promote, where to promote or when to promote.

My first rule of advice is to create a promotion plan for your promotion.

You always want to know where you are going with your promotion and what you are doing with your promotion.  This will help you determine what to promote about, if you are promoting enough or need to take it up a notch.

Your plan should include:

Promotion Goals

Promotion Budget

Promotion Schedule

If you would like more information about a promotion plan I recommend you check out my video series.  http://bit.ly/PPBUNDLE

It takes you step by step in creating a promotion plan.

Now you don’t have to ROCK this fear anymore.  When you have a plan for your promotion, you know where you stand with your promotion and you will never have to worry about what to promote.

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Are you dealing with promotion fears? 

Leave one of your fears in the comments for a chance to win an autograph copy of Building Online Relationship.  Once I’ve shared all the fears I will select one lucky reader.  Don’t be shy, it could be you.

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