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Today’s Promotion Fear – I’m Promoting Too Much

I hear this a lot from authors, they think they are promoting too much.  I ask them what makes you think you are promoting too much?  Most times they don’t have a response.  I ask has anyone complained to them about over promoting.  The answer is always no.

Yes there are times when you are promoting too much.  For instance if every post you share on social media is about buy my book, you might be promoting too much.

Experts say you should be promoting 80% and writing 20%.  Most writers are promoting 20% and writing 80% and not getting the results they want.

I recommend 40% promoting and 60% writing.  If you schedule 30% and use 10% for engagement, you can enjoy your 60% for writing.

You have to find a balance that works for you and that you see the results you want from your promotion.

I tell my clients until someone says they are tired of seeing your promotions, keep on promoting.  The more people see your promotions, the more they recognize you and your books.  One day they will click buy and become a loyal reader.

That’s what promotion is about trying to convert the person seeing your promotion into a new reader.

Now you don’t have to ROCK this fear anymore.  Figure out your promotion/writing balance and promote as much as you want.

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Are you dealing with promotion fears? 

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