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Today’s Promotion Fear – My Books Aren’t Selling Like Hers

This fear will stop you in your tracks quickly.  You haven’t made the best seller’s list like another author.  She’s on FB talking about all her new readers.  She’s signing at all the hottest conferences.

You want to crawl in a hole and never come out.  Don’t do it.

You are not her and your book isn’t hers either.  Each writer has their own path.  If you stay worried about someone else’s path, you will miss out all the good things happening on your own path.

No your book might not have made the best selling list, but that doesn’t mean it can’t.  You might have to work a little harder with your promotion.

You don’t have a mailing list of 5000 readers.  That’s ok your 100 is a great start and will grow as more readers start learning about your fantastic book.

This fear is all about believing in yourself and your books.  It can be hard not to compare yourself to other writers, especially when they are doing what you want to do – sell books.

I’m not going to say you get rid of this fear because it has a habit of showing up on those off days, but I will say that you can get past it.

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