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Two years ago when I hit upload on Create Space, I didn’t know what to expect.  I was scared to death but I was also excited to know my dream of being a published author had finally come true.  It wasn’t as I imagined – romance author, but it was about my second love – book promotion.

This has been amazing two year journey.  I’ve learned so much about me, my writing and promotion.  I probably can write book two and not repeat one word in Building Online Relationships.  Talking about livestreaming is a whole book on its own.

I’ve made some new friends because of the book and I’ve created a new movement – Social Butterflies.  I gained two nicknames – Coach Mommy and Mama Butterfly.   I learned that you need a promotion mindset and that fear will always haunt you as a writer, but you can beat it if you want.

I’ve taught many workshops and hosted a few summits and book festivals. I’ve been invited to speak and I actually enjoyed it.  I went in front of the camera live and now it’s one of my favorite things to do.

I learned that everyone will not support you because you support them.  That’s not how it works. I had to learn who my audience is and each day try to get in front of them.

I learned you do not get rich writing one book, but those royalties check do make you smile sometimes.

I learned that fear will stop you from working on your second book and that you have to fight your way past it.

I learned that I do want to write more nonfiction books and that only I stand in my way of completing them.

What I know for sure from these past two years is that I love being a published author and that it was worth the wait.

My advice to you, stop sabotaging yourself – Believe you can do it and DO IT. 

Yes I’m talking to myself again.  LOL

Thank you to all who have helped me on this journey. 

Thank you to all who have bought a copy of Building Online Relationships. 

Thank you to all the Social Butterflies showcasing your wings, letting me know what I do isn’t in vain. 


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