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This post is for Coaches who have written a book or books. 

Is your book selling the way you want it to?

Do people even know you have a book?

Have you put promoting your book on the backburner?

This month I created a video series for you.  Most coaches aren’t ready for promotion.  They write a book and think the readers will come.  Don’t beat yourself up, if you’ve thought this way.  We all have thought this way.  We wrote an amazing book, why aren’t the readers gobbling it up.

Unfortunately that’s not how bookselling goes.  You have to let people know about your books.  Inside these vidoes offer some advice on how to get ready for promotion.

If you have any question about the videos or about promotion, leave them in the comments.

If you need help with your promotion, I invite you to join my Social Butterfly Mastermind.  Don’t you think it’s time you were ready to promote?


Coaches: Are you ready to Promote – Part 1 – Promotion Mindset


Coaches: Are you ready to Promote – Part 2 – Promotion Kit


Coaches: Are you ready to Promote – Part 3 – Stages Of Promotion



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