Dealing With Grief – The Worse Day Of Grief

I think the worse day of grief is the day after the service. You wake up knowing your love one is truly gone. For me the tears came immediately even though I didn’t think I had any more tears to shed. All the pain I’d pushed down as we planned the services overtook me. I felt as if someone ripped my heart into shreds. I didn’t want to move from the bed. I wanted to curl up into a ball and go to heaven with her. How could I live in a world without my mama? I’d never experienced a world without her. I thought going off to the Navy was hard. This was ten times worse because I’d never talk to her again. Why Lord why! It hurt. I hurt all over. I wanted my mama back. I know it was selfish to want her back. She was no longer in pain. We weren’t at the hospital every day wishing she’d wake up. I didn’t care I still wanted her back. I got out of bed and started my first real day without my mother. It was hard because I reached to call her a bunch of times through out the day. I cried whenever I thought about her.  … Continue reading Dealing With Grief – The Worse Day Of Grief