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I completed my read through for my manuscript.  I must say I truly enjoyed the story and look forward to improving it. 

My next step is the world building and adding more content before it’s ready to submit to an editor.  I also need to find an editor who edits Science Fiction, so that should be an interesting hunt.

I love the world building part because I get to create my own planet.

My planet is called Purpura and its inhabited by purple people.  They have their own unique gifts.

If you know me, you know I love super heroes so this story is inspired by Superman.  I beginning writing this book when I was watching Smallville.  They wouldn’t let Clark fly.  I wondered what if you had the gift to fly?

This week I thought I was about to be on furlough for a while, so I was looking forward to getting some writing done.  Thankfully we only had one day off,  so I have to reschedule my writing.

This week will be about world building.  I have a few books that will help me create my world.

Writing Tip: READ THROUGH – Take a few days to read through your manuscript.  It will help you catch errors, see if your pace is good and show you if you have a good manuscript.  I recommend you do it at least twice.  Print it out and read, then read it out loud.

Do you do a read through for your manuscripts?



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