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Yesterday I was chatting with a friend and she reminded me how long I’ve been in this literary business.  I think sometimes people forget that I’ve been doing this for 20 years versus the three years I’ve been published.

I decided I’m going to revisit my online history for Black History month.  I will share with you how I did all of this in the last 20 years.

20 years online I’ve learned:

How to build relationships.

How to create and run successfully groups and forums.

How to do interviews.

How to create content.

How to create a website.

How to create and run a successful digital magazine.

How to sale online ads.

How to create and maintain a successful email list.

How to create successful online events.

How to teach online workshops.

How to create and run a successful blog.

How to use social media to build relationships and promote books.

How to create a successful online radio show.

How to create a successful podcast.

How to write two Best Selling Books.

How to create a membership.

So when you see me talking about promotion. It’s from 20 years of learning how to ROCK these online streets.

A lot of research, long nights, trials and errors, wanting to give up but still pushing forward, doing a lot of stuff scared to death to get to 2018.

This girl just didn’t set up shop when she released her book in 2015. I had to live it in order to write it.

This Social Butterfly 🦋 stopped being a caterpillar when she stepped online in 1998.

Yes this girl ROCKS!

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