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Over the years SORMAG has won a few awards.  One that I was very proud of was our first award.  We were selected by Writers Digest as One of the 101 Best Websites for Writers 2002!

We’d been online for two years and for me that was a big deal because I worked my butt off to get the magazine in front of every romance reader I could find.  All that worked was noticed by Writer’s Digest.

Promotion takes time and commitment.  I learned over these past years that having a plan for your promotion keeps you moving forward.

Working full time, I only had the evenings and weekend to dedicate to the magazine.  My husband worked nights, so I was able to spend a lot of time online.

I went to the top blogs and was a loyal reader and commenter.

I went to top reading groups and was a loyal member.

I created a review team, and was always on the hunt for new books to review.

I created online events to meet new readers.

I went to offline events to meet new readers.

I learned you have to be where the readers are.

Each day I did something different to promote SORMAG.  

Today I teach what I did back then.  I call it a Promotion Plan.


Your Promotion Plan should include:


Your Promotion Goals

What you want from your promotion?

What you want to do on social media?

What you want to do with your email marketing

What is your readership goal?


Your Promotion Budget

How much is your budget?

Where would you like to spend your promotion budget?


Your Promotion Schedule

How often will you promote?

Will you schedule promotion?

Where will you promote?

What times will you promote?


Your Promotion Content

What type of content will you create?

What type of content will you repurpose?

Will you create marketing material?

Will you share other people content?


Your Sales Goals

How many sales would you like for the year?

What will you sale?


Do you have a promotion plan?

Are you ready to become a Social Butterfly, I invite you to join The Social Butterfly Membership



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