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One of my favorite parts of creating SORMAG was hosting the SORMAG Online Conference.  It was an online conference for readers and writers.  It started off as a seven day conference and moved to a three day conference over the years.

It was my gift back to the literary community.  It was also my treat to myself because I couldn’t attend a lot of live conferences, so I would invite all the authors I wanted to meet and learn from.

Each year the conference was bigger and better.  It was a lot of work but so worth every minute.  We had workshops and panel discussions with the authors and readers.  I also gave away a lot of prizes thanks to the many donations I received.

The conferences were always an amazing good time.

The last conference was in 2014.  I decided to move on to doing a summit – The Produce Publish Promote Summit.

Here are few tips for hosting an online conference.

Know who the conference is for – Your audience will make or break your conference.

Plan a year in advance, so you have everything in order.

How long will the conference be – If you’ve never done a conference, try a one day one to see if you like the concept.

Have a team – Don’t do alone.

Create an agenda.

Invite your panel or presenters early

Decide which platform you will host your conference on.

Create a great landing page for registration.


Have fun – That’s the best part.

Last year I created a class on how to create your own online event.  I will be hosting the class again this year.  If you are interested in attending, contact me at lchwriter@gmail.com for more information.


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