When it comes to promotion consistency is very important. I recommend to my clients to keep a calendar. It will help you be consistent. Using a social media manager like hoot suite is also another way to keep you consistent. When you do it sporadic you let other things get in your way and before you know it you’re not promoting. Tip: Create a promotion calendar. It will include your social media schedule, your schedule
When you start promoting your books, there are few jargons that come up a lot. Here are few : Blurb – A short summary of your book that is normally used for the text on the back of the book Synopsis – A summary of the major points of your book. It’s usually a longer than the blurb. Sometimes they can be 1-2 pages or 1-25 pages depending on who is requesting it. ARC—Advance Reading
An interview is a fun way to promote your book and meet new readers. Take time to schedule one or two interviews a month. Below are a few tips to help with your interviews. 1. Complete the interview. A lot of authors miss their opportunity for an interview because they don’t complete the interview. 2. Copy and paste the interview Most blogs/sites copy and paste the interview to their posts. It’s a lot easier for
Hootsuite.com has become one of my favorite tools when it comes to promotion. I use it for scheduling my promotion and I also use to check out what’s going on my different social media platforms. I like that I can look all the social media platforms on one page vs opening up different windows. I like that I can share contact right there. If you like to retweet on Twitter it gives you the opportunity
Groups are a good way to meet new readers.  Most platforms have groups you can join and participate in. Tips: Find a few groups that focus on the genres you write.   How To Use For Promotion Groups are the perfect place to showcase your expertise.  You can be the featured author or you can have a book discussion.  You can ask the group members advice on an excerpt, or give you feedback on a work
Facebook is good platform for building relationships with readers. Tips: Read this article for tips on what not to do on Facebook See Ya On The Net Newsletter How To Use For Promotion Take time to interact with your readers. This is your chance to get to know your readers.  Use them for your book research, show them excerpts of your book, ask them questions about what they like and don’t like about your books.
My next tip you would think would be something every writer does, you would be surprised by how many don’t.  EMAIL SIGNATURE This is one of the cheapest ways you can market your book, and it’s the best way to talk about your book without saying a word.. You can change it up weekly or monthly.   What is a signature? A signature is a mini bio. I’ve seen some introduce the author, some introduce a
Check out my current issue of See Ya On The Net. What Facebook No-Nos have you dealt with?