This month is all about getting ready to promote.  I will share with you a 7 Day Challenge I did about getting ready.  The group is closed, so feel free to post in the comments. Today’s challenge is about your home base. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO AUDIO If you don’t have a website, please consider getting your own domain. When readers look for you, they look for your site first. Not everyone is on
Every Wednesday I showcase a video I did on Periscope.  Most are about book promotion. I will continue to showcase them because we all could use a little promotion help. I would like to invite you to subscribe to my Youtube channel.  It’s where I host my videos, so if you missed a few you can check them out there. CLICK to subscribe You can also write a review or share with a friend. Do
It has been a crazy summer.  Some days I feel like a chicken running around with my head chopped off. In June I decided to get back into live streaming.  So I started Break With LaShaunda on Monday and Wednesdays on my FB Page. I give 15 minute promotion tips.  This month is all about what happens after the launch.  You can catch the replays – https://www.facebook.com/pg/lashaundachoffman/videos On Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m on Periscope offering
    How Do You Know If Your Promotion Is Working? On Bestselling lists   Meeting new readers   Your numbers are growing (mailing lists – social media platforms)   Invitations (articles, magazines, radio shows)   I will be hosting the Book Festival again this year – November Stay tune for more info. Download The Promotion Kit Checklist to see if you are ready to promote.- http://bit.ly/1MRSlzx Join my promotion group – See Ya On
My Book Isn’t Selling Three tips: What are you doing right now? Try something new Up your game  
Four tips on how to attract readers Conferences – Online/Offline Locally Book Club – Locally/Online Create your own    
Two years ago when I hit upload on Create Space, I didn’t know what to expect.  I was scared to death but I was also excited to know my dream of being a published author had finally come true.  It wasn’t as I imagined – romance author, but it was about my second love – book promotion. This has been amazing two year journey.  I’ve learned so much about me, my writing and promotion.  I
Tools That Help Me Rock My Book Promotion Evernote Canva.com Hootsuite.com Mad Mimi
Today’s Promotion Fear – My Books Aren’t Selling Like Hers This fear will stop you in your tracks quickly.  You haven’t made the best seller’s list like another author.  She’s on FB talking about all her new readers.  She’s signing at all the hottest conferences. You want to crawl in a hole and never come out.  Don’t do it. You are not her and your book isn’t hers either.  Each writer has their own path. 
Thank you for participating in my Book Anniversary Contest. Below you will find the winners names.  If you are a winner – send me your mailing address to lchwriter@gmail.com Venita Alderman Sadler Tracy Tee Mitchell Denise Walker Savannah Jackson LaToya Murchison Jackie Holness Michelle Stephens Paula McDade Author Vulyncia Poindexter Allyson M. Deese Terry T-Bone Bible Larissa Evans-Trapp Jessie Butler Chicki Brown Vaneka Miles