I had a fantastic weekend at the Produce*Publish*Promote Summit. We had twelve amazing presenters share their book publishing knowledge with us and 103 attendees eager to learn. I’ve decided to open the summit up to those who missed it. So if you wanted to attend but had other plans, here’s your chance to see what you missed out on. Sign up HERE.  The link to the summit will be at the end of the welcome
The I’m gonna bug has hit me this week.  I’m gonna write, but it hasn’t happen. I’ve been working on the Produce*Publish*Promotion summit so that has my brain clogged.  I found my research I did for the story, so I’m hoping that will help with creating new scenes. Next week is vacation time.  I’m doing a staycation but I’m also going to turn it to a mini writer retreat because my mind has been on
PRODUCE*PUBLISH*PROMOTE SUMMIT This FREE summit is perfect for: The person who has a book idea floating in their head but don’t know where to start. The writer who is looking for help with their writing goals? The writer who is about to publish their first book. The writer who can’t decide to self publish or continue submitting. The writer who published the book but can’t stay consistent with their promotion. The seasoned writer who wants
I received the dreaded revision letter. I put off reading it for a few days. My editor sent me an email asking was I Ok. I laughed because I hadn’t read it so I didn’t know if I was OK or not. I printed the letter out and read what she had to say. Yes the manuscript needed a lot of work. I must confess this was draft 2 of the book, so it was
I told you all my exciting news of being picked up by Brown Girls Publishing.  Now I have to share my sad/exciting news.  There were a few changes with Brown Girls Publishing and I’ve decided to publish my own book.  Yes I’m a little sad to not work with a publisher, but very excited to try my hand at publishing fiction. My book is currently with an editor and she informed me she would be
It hit me the other day that I’m a published author because of my mother’s death. I asked myself would I have walked past my fears if she were alive and I had to answer no. When she was alive I was afraid to deal with my fears. I wasn’t even acknowledging them. Her death woke me up to all the things I wasn’t doing in my life. She’d always believed I’d be published and
I read a good blog post I want to share here. Click the title to read. Top 5 Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make by Lamar Tyler He shared five mistakes most entrepreneurs make and I was guilty of all five.  Take a moment to read his post, then read my response. I made all five of these mistakes. Fear was a big issue for me and I still struggle with it. However with most mistakes you
Today we are going to discuss self-promotion. This past week we loss a music genius, Prince, if you were on social media, you saw many people talking about him. They were sharing posts, they were sharing videos. They were sharing their Prince stories. They didn’t have a problem with talking about him and how his music touched them. Saturday night, Beyonce introduced her new CD – Lemonade. Social media went crazy again. Some people loved
You made the decision to work with me.  Now you are ready to get started with creating your promotion plan. First we will look at your promotion goals?  You will create goals for the year. Then we take those goals and create monthly goals.  The goals will be what you use to create your promotion plan for the year. Each month you will have a plan for what to do with your promotion. We will
  When I decided to go natural I honestly didn’t think it would be a big deal.  Man was I in for a rude awakening.  I started a journey to learn more about me and my hair and what made us happy. When it came to my hair I never thought about it as being happy but as the years passed I realized that I had to listen to my hair and not to what