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Promotion is hard. A lot of people don’t talk about how hard promotion can be because they don’t want to seem like they can’t do it. I lot of people don’t realize that you are not born a promoter, it’s a learned skilled.  Not talking about how hard promotion can be and not asking for help will make you do some crazy things. Promotion takes commitment, consistency and creativity. Yesterday an author decided to use
Are You Using Your Blog To Build Relationships? When you decide to blog: Keys For Successful blogging Be consistent Pay attention to your audience needs Be authentic It’s not about you Engagement is key Think outside the box Building Relationships With Your Blog Who is your audience? What will you blog about? How often will you blog? Respond to comments Share your blog link on social media or your newsletter Invite others to your blog
Today I celebrate one year as a published author and as a book publisher.  I want to share a few lessons I learned on the way. Everybody Is Not Your Reader – I teach this to my promotion clients, and I’m so glad I constantly reminded myself of this lesson daily. You want everybody to buy your book but everybody is not going to buy your book.  Especially those you supported in the past.  Just
Have you thought about reading my book? This scope is for you. I offer 10 reason why you should read my book. Here are the five reason for this scope: 1. You want to create a promotion plan 2. You are new to promotion and don’t where to start 3. Promotion scares you 4. You don’t think you have time to promote 5. You don’t have a promotion budget. Part Two will be next week.
Whenever I do a virtual tea session with a client, most say they feel overwhelmed by promotion. In this scope I discuss how you don’t have to be overwhelmed by promotion.     1. You Can’t Do Everything 2. Social Media – Pick A Platform You Reader Is On 3. Get Help You Don’t Have To Promote Alone What do you do so you don’t let promotion overwhelm you?   https://katch.me/SORMAG/v/35a9a557-db76-3a6b-8263-5127a437c85f
Friday I opened my FaceBook and the newsfeed was full of have you tried the Patti Labelle’s Pie? I didn’t know she’d created a pie so of course I want to see what the talk is all about. One super fan did a video that went viral.  He loved the pie, he sang about the pie he bought five pies.  Then the sharing began and no telling how many other people went and bought the pie. Did
I’ve had the pleasure of guest blogging on two writer friends blogs this week. Stop by and say hello. Barbara Joe Williams’ Blog http://barbarajoe.webs.com/apps/blog/show/43191620-lashaunda-hoffman Jeanette Hill’s Blog http://jwhillproductions.com/2015/03/25/lashaunda-hoffman/
This year I’ve decided to participate in the A to Z Challenge. I thought I would be a fun way to get myself back into writing blog posts and hopefully share some good tips. I decided to have a theme for my posts. I will share some snippets of my upcoming book – Building Online Relationships. Make sure to stop by daily to read a few tips.