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Thank you for participating in my Book Anniversary Contest. Below you will find the winners names.  If you are a winner – send me your mailing address to lchwriter@gmail.com Venita Alderman Sadler Tracy Tee Mitchell Denise Walker Savannah Jackson LaToya Murchison Jackie Holness Michelle Stephens Paula McDade Author Vulyncia Poindexter Allyson M. Deese Terry T-Bone Bible Larissa Evans-Trapp Jessie Butler Chicki Brown Vaneka Miles  
Next Thursday marks the 2nd anniversary my book was published.  I’m hosting a contest /giveaway to celebrate. I wanted to give out 27 books, since the anniversary date is the 27th.  I have such amazing writer friends who donated books, that I have 70 books to giveaway.  Yes you read right 70 books.  How crazy is that? I’m starting the contest today.  Each day up to the 27th, I will give away 10 books each
I’m hosting my first Goodreads giveaway next week.  You can win a chance to get an autograph copy of Building Online Relationships – One Reader At A Time.  I also plan to add a few other goodies in the packet. I’m all about meeting new readers and it is my hope to meet some new readers on Goodreads. Feel free to share this post with someone who you think would like to win a copy.