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The last shutdown was the longest they ever had. I was nervous about my job and paying bills. I prayed and decided that I could do more with my time instead of worrying. Here’s a few tips to help you in this shutdown. Get some groceries – you don’t know how long the shutdown will be. Use this time to write. Instead of sitting around waiting – WRITE Work on your business – something you’ve
Are you procrastinating?  Is Fear stopping you from finishing? Watch how I motivated myself.    
When it comes to marketing, some people are wonderful at it and some people can’t figure it out. What I’ve learned about marketing is it’s something that you are in constant learn mode. Things change daily and to be on top of your marketing game, you have to keep up. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting amazing results when you haven’t been getting amazing results. Here are three tips I’d like to
This post was inspired by my cousin’s blog post – Our Secrets to Love.  She offered some lessons she’s learned in her marriage.  Check out her blog – Watering Our Seeds it’s a great new blog. I was like I’m going to do 20 lessons and as I started typing; I was like 20 is a lot.   I decided to focus on 10 that way not to overwhelm you. My 20th anniversary is November 16th,
The last few years, I’ve started using testimonials in my business. I will be honest and say FEAR stopped me from asking for testimonials. As I started working with a coach and she told me about using them more, I realized my mistake in letting fear stop me from asking my clients for testimonials. Now I ask and to my surprise they always say yes. Here a few ways to use testimonials. In your sales
If you answered no to this question.  You might want to register for the ROCK Your Promotion Class I’m teaching on November the 1st. http://bit.ly/PLANTRN      
How Are You Capturing Your Audience?   If you know me I’m all about creating a mailing list and working that mailing list. For me it’s the most important tool in your promotion tool kit when it comes to capturing your audience.   You always want a way to capture the audience you meet. Most authors or business owners are attending to events and meeting potential customers and not capturing their information to stay in
I’m always trying to come up with new promotion ideas. This year I created graphic campaigns. I found that graphics get a lot of engagement. People make comments or share my graphics. I receive messages from people saying the graphics inspire them or make them take action. Some graphics have inspired some to use my services or purchase my book. I have a monthly theme and create graphics that focus on those themes. Today I
DO IT SCARED 2016 That’s my motto for 2016.  For too many years I’ve let fear rule me.  I’m done with living like that.  I’m all about living my life to the fullest and if it means doing things that scare me to death, that’s what I’m about to do. Here are few tips I’m going to be using to get pass the fear this year. 1. List what scares you. Sometimes when you write