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Today’s Promotion Fear –  I’m Afraid To Try New Platforms. It’s so easy to stay in places we feel comfortable with.  You love FB, you know how to work FB and you enjoy talking to your followers. What if your followers aren’t your reading audience? Is time to step out of your comfort zone and try a new platform.  That can be very scary and sometimes time consuming.  I promise you it’s so worth it.
If you know me, you know I’m all about the calendar/planner.  It keeps me on track.  My mind can’t hold all that information in.  I believe in writing it down.  My calendar holds my daily to do lists, my events for the month, my social media campaigns, my interviews and promotion for SORMAG, my Podcast and Periscope schedule and my personal appointments. Calendars/planners are great way to maintain your life.  I also like that you
Today is all about social media tips. For me social media works when I schedule my posts.  Scheduling keeps me consistent and I don’t have to worry about if I’m promoting or not.  Any other time I’m on social media it’s because I want to be on social media, not because I have to. Another thing that works for me is having a plan for each platform.  Each one is different.  I use to post
Today we are going to discuss self-promotion. This past week we loss a music genius, Prince, if you were on social media, you saw many people talking about him. They were sharing posts, they were sharing videos. They were sharing their Prince stories. They didn’t have a problem with talking about him and how his music touched them. Saturday night, Beyonce introduced her new CD – Lemonade. Social media went crazy again. Some people loved
Friday I opened my FaceBook and the newsfeed was full of have you tried the Patti Labelle’s Pie? I didn’t know she’d created a pie so of course I want to see what the talk is all about. One super fan did a video that went viral.  He loved the pie, he sang about the pie he bought five pies.  Then the sharing began and no telling how many other people went and bought the pie. Did
Do you want to start your own Facebook group? Check out what I have to say about starting a Facebook Group. Why Do You Want A Group What Is Your Group About? Rules For Your Group Have Theme Days Be A Part Of Your Group  
I’m sure you have a group pet peeves.  Below are few of mine. Adding Members Without Permission Group No Identity Drive By Promotion Solutions: Send An Invite Or Ask For Permission Have A Reason For Your Group With Rules Promote On Promotion Date Get To Know The Members Social media is about building relationships not about wrecking them before they get started.
This week I will be sharing periscopes I did on FaceBook Groups.  I believe groups are a great way to promote your books and engage with readers. Today’s periscope is about how to be a good Facebook Member Read The Guidelines – Most people join the group and start talking.  Take time to read the guidelines Check out the previous posts Introduce yourself Visit the group and make comments Be The Expert – Share your wisdom
Last month we discussed things not to do on Facebook, so I thought you might appreciate a few tips on what to do on Facebook. 1. Ask Questions This is a great way to interact with your readers or followers. I ask a different questions each day. It gets my followers talking and I learn more about them. You can do the same. Read more tips in the latest issue of See Ya On The
This is a question most writers don’t think about. Most are on social media because that’s what THEY say do. However when you join a social media platform you need to know WHY? Today we’re going to discuss why you are on social media. This will help you determine your goals for social media, then you can create a plan to help you find time to be on social media, get results from being on