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One of my favorite parts of creating SORMAG was hosting the SORMAG Online Conference.  It was an online conference for readers and writers.  It started off as a seven day conference and moved to a three day conference over the years. It was my gift back to the literary community.  It was also my treat to myself because I couldn’t attend a lot of live conferences, so I would invite all the authors I wanted
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In 2012 I moved back to Digital – PDF and Print.  Our first issue featured Rochelle Alers.   CLICK TO ORDER Our current issue is the Winter Issue – Children & Young Adult Books CLICK TO ORDER  
Last week I read 250 pages.  I was super proud of myself.  I have a 150 more pages to go this week and then it’s time to work on the next draft. I found out that I liked going away to write.  I stayed at the St. Louis Bread company this weekend and read.  It wasn’t too loud and I was able to concentrate on my writing.  Something I can’t do at home with the
For the last two years I’ve been teaching my clients to use 15 minutes to promote.  I know it doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but its a great starting point if you having a hard time finding time to promote. Check out this video for more info on 15 minute promotion.   Are You Ready To Become A Social Butterfly? – Join The Social Butterfly Membership http://bit.ly/SBMCALL
This month I’m working on my middle grade book.  I printed it out and plan on doing a read through for this month. Yesterday at lunch I read 50 pages.  I’m hoping the rest of the book reads as smoothly. I didn’t do much fiction writing for 2017, so I’m working on improving that for 2018. My word for this year is IMPLEMENT It’s all about getting things done.  I have a plan and I
I’ve featured many interviews in SORMAG Digital over the last 17 years and I wanted to share a few mistakes that I’ve experienced and I hope you will take heed to these mistakes and make sure you don’t do them when you are invited to do an interview. Author Picture Issues No Picture Picture too Small Use an Advatar instead of real picture Not a good picture Solution:  Invest in a good headshot – 300
Today this post is to encourage someone who has been thinking about their dream this year and thinking it will never happen. In 2011 my mother died and my life changed forever.  I lost my best friend, my number one fan.  I went into zombie mode, barely surviving.  Work – feed the family – watch TV – sleep – do it over again. I know now I was depressed and grieving.   I’d never been depressed
Most book festivals include – featured authors, vendors selling their products and panel discussions. SORMAG’s Online book festival is set up on the same concept – featured authors, vendors and panel discussions. What you are missing with an online book festival are the long lines, the hot weather, paying to get there and maybe some funnel cakes. Join us in November for 3 days of fun. Register today – http://bit.ly/Bookfestival17 Would you like to be
This post is for Coaches who have written a book or books.  Is your book selling the way you want it to? Do people even know you have a book? Have you put promoting your book on the backburner? This month I created a video series for you.  Most coaches aren’t ready for promotion.  They write a book and think the readers will come.  Don’t beat yourself up, if you’ve thought this way.  We all