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  Are You Using Blogs To Build Relationships Find six blogs that cater to your genre Visit the blogs Don’t be a lurker Request to be a guest Start the process all over again.
Are You Using Your Blog To Build Relationships? When you decide to blog: Keys For Successful blogging Be consistent Pay attention to your audience needs Be authentic It’s not about you Engagement is key Think outside the box Building Relationships With Your Blog Who is your audience? What will you blog about? How often will you blog? Respond to comments Share your blog link on social media or your newsletter Invite others to your blog
Promotion can be a hard process and if you are making these mistakes it will make the process even harder. Do not send a buy my book message to a new friend. Do not post a buy my book on someone’s page. Tagging for promotion. Adding people to your group Sending messages for help before you’ve built a relationship Which mistake are you making on social media?  
Good reads is the Facebook For Readers.  Are you using it on your promotion plan?
This month I will be talking about finding New Readers. This is a video I did last year about this topic.      
I share three ways to use your mailing list. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO
In 2016 I did a lot of Periscoping on online promotion.  Each Wednesday I will be sharing the videos with you.  Today is about mailing lists. If you know me, I’m always preaching about the importance of having your own mailing list.  Click the video and learn more about having a mailing list. I will discuss: Why your Mailing List Is Your Most Important Tool and why you need one. Creating a Mailing List Sharing