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How To Create Your First Coloring Book

Inside the workshop:

Part 1

Are You Ready To Create A Coloring Book?

What Is Your Coloring Book Theme?

 Who Is The Audience For Your Coloring Book?

How Many Pages Is Your Coloring Book?

What Type Of Coloring Pages or Mandalas?

Will You Design Your Pages Or Hire Someone?

Part 2

Setting Up Your Coloring Book

 How To Create A Template Using Canva

  Sell or Free

 Where to publish coloring books

This year I created my first coloring book, it was a fun experience and simple process that you can do too.
Now you can add a coloring book to your book offerings or create a coloring book as gift for your family and friends.


After you hit the purchase to pay

Click the Return to Merchant

It will take you back to the site (lashaundahoffman.com) – Purchase Confirmation Page

At the bottom – There are two things to download. 

Coloring Book Workbook Replay and A  to Z Coloring Book Sample

You have to click on the links to download them.


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