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The Social Butterfly Planner was inspired from the calendar I created to help me promote SORMAG.  When I published my first book – Building Online Relationships I shared it with the first butterflies.  They told me they still use it for their promotion. 

I started looking for a planner that I could use that feature pages I needed and I could never find one.  I decided to create one of my own.  The Social Butterfly Planner is the final result.

What I like about it, is you can print it off and use the pages that fit into your promotion plan.  Most planners if the page doesn’t work, you have a bunch of pages with nothing on them.

My hope for this planner is that you have a planner filled with your promotion schedule and life appointments.

I’m currently looking for a printer, so for now The Social Butterfly Planner will only be in PDF form.

It is a three month planner – 74 pages.

Each month includes:

Monthly Calendar

Promotion Holiday Page

Promotion Goal Page

Product Plan Page

Email List Plan Page

Blog Plan Page

Social Media Plan Page

Social Media Group Plan Page

Video/Live Streaming Plan Page

Podcast Plan Page

Daily Calendar

I’m doing a PRE-SALE and you will receive your PDF copy December 15th.

The Social Butterfly Planner – $10.00*

*All Planners Include a 30 minute Promotion Audit

For now the Print Copies will be sold on my site.  They will ship out after 15th.

Print Copies are $20.00 includes shipping.



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