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Promotion isn’t about the sale. Promotion is about keeping yourself in front of the reader so they know who you are.

People buy from people they trust. If they don’t know you, they have a hard time spending their money on you.

That’s why businesses advertise, so you know who they are and feel comfortable enough to try them out, same for book promotion.

You do the blog tour, you buy ad in online magazines, you do the radio interviews, you do the blog interviews, so you can introduce yourself to the readers or listeners who visits these sites, magazines or shows.

Now I want you to be the book buyer.

Do you buy the book the first time you see a promotion for it?

Do you click on the link and check out the author?

Do you look it up online in the bookstores for more info?

Do you ask a friend about it?

Do you read the reviews?

The next time you see a promotion for the same book.

Do you buy or click delete?

Sometimes it takes a few times to decide if you want to spend your money on the book. Sometimes it takes an instant. The blurb grabs you and you CLICK.

Those are the readers we all want our promotion to be in front of. Unfortunately that’s not something an advertiser can guarantee.

We can guarantee introducing you to as many readers as we can.

No one can guarantee a sale. If they can, make sure you get it writing along with how many books they can sale for you. Then let me know who they are when they sales all those books for you because I want to use their services.

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  1. I wish there was a guaranteed way to get more readers / subscribers to my blog.

    –Mee (The Chinese Quest)
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  2. There’s always someone out there claiming to be able to do more than they can deliver, no matter what field it is in. I tend to use libraries instead of buying books. I don’t care to read something a second time after I read it once, so there is no use spending money on it. What I read is usually either a personal recommendation by someone who has read it, especially my daughter, or I see the book, find the title and cover interesting, read the blurb about the story inside the jacket and it is sounds right, I check it out.
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    I am Ensign B of Tremps’ Troops
    with the A to Z Challenge
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