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I know as a writer you want to run away from the promotion side of your business. I know I do some days, but as I tell my clients. If no one knows your book exists they can’t buy it.

Every now and then I will run into someone at an event who has never heard of Shades Of Romance Magazine. Maybe you haven’t either. http://sormag.blogspot.comhttp://sormag.com

Instead of getting insulted I realized I still have to stay on my job and promote the magazine.

Yes it’s been online for 15 years but that doesn’t mean everyone knows about it.

I love receiving an email from someone who just found it online. They are excited to have found a new treasure.

I have to remember this whenever I want to run away from my promoting.

Remember promoting is introducing you and your book to new people. Get out there and tell people about your wonderful book.


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