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Today this post is to encourage someone who has been thinking about their dream this year and thinking it will never happen.

In 2011 my mother died and my life changed forever.  I lost my best friend, my number one fan.  I went into zombie mode, barely surviving.  Work – feed the family – watch TV – sleep – do it over again.

I know now I was depressed and grieving.   I’d never been depressed and never really experienced grief so I didn’t know the symptoms. 

The researcher in me got on google.  I know what I was feeling wasn’t me and I needed to SNAP OUT IT.

I learned a lot about grief and that depression sometimes can be a part of it. 

One of the reasons I was really feeling bad was my mother never got to see a book with my name on it.  Not because she died but because I hadn’t stepped up to working on my dream.

I always thought I had time to get that book done.   I looked back over my life and hate all the hours on the couch watching TV vs working on my dream.

One of the reasons I wasn’t working on my dream was fear.  I was scared with a long list of whys.

I knew I needed to get past the fears.  My first coach – Latara V. Bussey had a fear challenge and I signed up for.  You know I love me some challenges.  Man that challenge opened my eyes to how much I was letting fear control my life.  After the challenge, I made the decision to work with LaTara, she brought this little caterpillar out of my cocoon so I could become the butterfly I was meant to be.

I will not say this has been an easy path because if you follow me, you know that I talk about fear a lot.  Some people teach once you beat fear it’s gone forever.  NOT, you deal with fear daily.  I’ve learned that if it doesn’t scare me it’s not worth going after.

My dreams scare me daily but I work on them because I want to see them come true.

Today I want you to think about your dreams – Do they scare you?

That’s OK that means you are ready to start working on them.

For 2018 I challenge you to work on your dream 15 minutes every day.  I want you to end 2018 with a few dreams completed.

Stop talking about your dream it’s time to put in the work.


Are you working on your dreams or talking about them?

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