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The last shutdown was the longest they ever had. I was nervous about my job and paying bills. I prayed and decided that I could do more with my time instead of worrying.

Here’s a few tips to help you in this shutdown.

Get some groceries – you don’t know how long the shutdown will be.

Use this time to write. Instead of sitting around waiting – WRITE

Work on your business – something you’ve put off doing.

Create an offer – You need money coming in

Update your website or your profiles

Schedule your promotion – You have free time.

Visit a friend

Read those saved posts

Create a video series

Go to the library for research

Read a few books off you to read pile

Write a few articles or blog posts

Create some marketing graphic

Make a new recipe

Clean out a closet

Catch up on the laundry

Binge watch a tv show

Clean up your email

Respond to mail from readers or customers


Take a marketing class or watch some marketing videos

Set up your mailing list

Set up your email signature

Create your promotion plan

Read my book – Building Online Relationships – One Reader At A Time


What would you add to this list?

P.S. Thank God the shutdown was only for three days.  I decided to share this post because you don’t have to have a shut down to do a few of these tips.  You can use the weekends or mini vacations.

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