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Building Online Relationships – One Reader At A Time

Readers buy from writers they know and trust. This means, dear author, you have to find ways for new readers to get to know you and to want to create a relationship with you.

Building Online Relationships – One Reader At A Time is your one-stop online promotion guide. Award-winning publisher of Shades of Romance Magazine, LaShaunda C. Hoffman, has consolidated over 14 years of expertise in online promotion into this how-to guide. By reading, and applying what you learn in this book, you will promote like a pro and build trust with your readers so they become loyal buyers.

Every chapter includes an action plan you can implement immediately to learn:

  • what promotion is all about in this digital age.
  • a proven goal setting strategy for getting your book in the hands of the reader who is looking for it.
  • step-by step actions you can take to get in front of new readers every day.
  • how you can begin creating relationships with new readers TODAY.

This book is perfect for you if you are:

  • A new writer who is ready to learn how to reach new readers.
  • A seasoned writer looking for some new tricks.
  • Struggling with your promotion and don’t have a clue where to start.
  • Ready to promote your products and services online




    If you’ve been thinking about purchasing my book, read this review. If it doesn’t make you push the buy button, my book isn’t for you.

    This is a most exceptional resource! The typical self help books that I have seen are generally void of substance. Their authors tend to have tasted some bit of success on a particular topic, so they suddenly become an author. Their books tend to focus on what worked for them, and how it will work for anyone, if they just do things a particular way. Unfortunately, most of those authors happened to be in the right pace at the right time for whatever particular thing that they were doing, and your chances of replicating that success using the exact same methods are highly unlikely.

    Building Online Relationships One Reader at A Time is a different type of book altogether. First off, the author is actually that – she IS an author, so she didn’t have to become one just to write the book. The book isn’t a “cover-to-cover” reader. Instead, it is methodically broken out into 25 different inter-related disciplines revolving around every aspect of online promotion. The genius of it is that each section is built independent of the others, so you can skip to any section, based on what you are working on specifically. Each module is packed with open-ended questions and note sections, tips, and nifty templates and outlines. The presentation style isn’t one that preaches to you about what you *should* be doing, but rather it leads you to think about the task you are trying to accomplish, and how you are organizing to accomplish it. While the book focuses on the field of writing, since the writer is actually an author, I run a tax and business services company, and these easy-to-use modules and related templates can be applied to just about any business type. My business services include training new business owners in scheduling, budgeting, and project management in their various businesses. While my service revolves more around the financial aspects of business, I recommend this book to every one of my clients who do any part of their business promotion online. It covers much much more than just finance and project management; it teaches you how to bring your idea to the online market through organization, planning, and by building your virtual client base – one online relationship at a time. The book even appears to apply SMART criteria to the various disciplines, so it is a GREAT resource for new business owners and managers to have, as they develop their own management style.

    I highly recommend the paperback version of the book, because of the templates, and the ability to highlight and quickly reference the module that you are working with. It sits by my desk, instead of on the book shelf, because it is more than just a book – it is a daily-use resource, like a dictionary, thesaurus, or any other publication you would use for work. – Cameron Hartman – Hartman Tax Service


    Also available as an ebook – AMAZON – BARNES AND NOBLE – SMASHWORDS – IBOOKS







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