Articles are a good way to promote your books. You can discuss a topic you are an expert in and introduce readers to you, your book and your site. Tips Pick 5 topics and write (5) 500 – 800 word articles about these topics. Include a bio, link to your site and a short blurb about your book. How to use for promotion Submit your articles to online magazines or guest blog on different blogs.
I’ve had the pleasure of guest blogging on two writer friends blogs this week. Stop by and say hello. Barbara Joe Williams’ Blog http://barbarajoe.webs.com/apps/blog/show/43191620-lashaunda-hoffman Jeanette Hill’s Blog http://jwhillproductions.com/2015/03/25/lashaunda-hoffman/
This year I’ve decided to participate in the A to Z Challenge. I thought I would be a fun way to get myself back into writing blog posts and hopefully share some good tips. I decided to have a theme for my posts. I will share some snippets of my upcoming book – Building Online Relationships. Make sure to stop by daily to read a few tips.
Building Online Relationships – One Reader At A Time Readers buy from writers they know and trust. This means, dear author, you have to find ways for new readers to get to know you and to want to create a relationship with you. One Reader at a Time – Building Online Relationships is your one-stop online promotion guide. Award-winning publisher of Shades of Romance Magazine, LaShaunda C. Hoffman, has consolidated over 14 years of expertise
When you know who your readers are.  You know where to find them, you know what they like and you know how to please them.
Creating your monthly goals will help you keep to your promotion budget.
This is a question most writers don’t think about. Most are on social media because that’s what THEY say do. However when you join a social media platform you need to know WHY? Today we’re going to discuss why you are on social media. This will help you determine your goals for social media, then you can create a plan to help you find time to be on social media, get results from being on
I’ve decided to publish my first book. One of the steps in the process is creating a company name and logo. I decided on Hoffman’s Contents LLC. What do you think?
Most authors think promoting their books means posting status that say BUY MY BOOK. There’s a lot more to promoting than saying buy my book. Everyone wants the secret to getting people to buy their book. To be honest I don’t think there is one. You have to write a good book and then introduce that book to the right reader.   If they enjoy your book, then you’ve found your reader. It’s not hard, it