I’m always asked how to write a book.  I always say, to sit down and write.  It’s easy to say you want to write a book, the hard part is writing the book.  Many people will leave this earth because they want make time to write the book that’s in there heart.  They’d rather talk about it. I was that way for many years.  I loved talking about writing, but I wasn’t doing much writing. 
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Ice cream is one of my comfort foods. When I was in the navy I fell in love with a Baskin Robins flavor – Caramel Chocolate Crunch. It was a vanilla ice cream, swirled with caramel and tiny bits of chocolate cookies. I think I ate three scoops every day the whole time I was Guam. When I returned stateside, I search for this ice cream. I couldn’t find it for years. No Baskin Robins
I joined the Navy when I was 17 my junior year in high school.  The first year before I was sworn in we learned what the Navy was all about.  We had guest speakers who were in the navy come and talk to us about their experiences. I’d never been out of St. Louis but once in my life when we went to Kansas City for church event.  I was excited about seeing the world
I love to read my mom used to tease me that I would read the back of the cereal box that’s how much I love to read. I am a magazine lover. I enjoy seeing new magazines on the shelf. Even though I’m a digital magazine publisher, I still love the feel of a magazine. I guess that’s why I still get a tingle when I hold SORMAG Digital. It feels real to me. I’m
This is my last day as a 48 year old. It has been an interesting year. I’ve done some amazing things. I’ve had some fun days, some valley days, and some trials, but I’m glad that I get to see a new year. I’m happy I get to continue on this journey of publication. I’m excited I’m able to share this journey with you and encourage you to start your own journey because life is
I’m gonna use to be my favorite word. I’m gonna write a book. I’m gonna go to Paris. I’m gonna see the world. I’m gonna do videos.  Over the years I realized I was saying I’m gonna and not doing a dog on thing but talk. I’m gonna was a part of my fear mentality. It was easy to say what I’m gonna do instead of sitting down creating a plan and making it happen.
The first time I was called the “N” word was last year on a scope I was doing. A troll came into the scope and decided to shake up my world. I politely blocked him. When I thought about it later, I realized that was the first time I’d been called that word and I thought that was amazing since I was 48 and a Black woman living in America. Yes I have experienced a
15 Random Things About Me  I love romantic movies I like dancing in the kitchen Popcorn and grilled cheese are my comfort food I love bacon. It’s the only pork that I eat I joined the Navy my junior in high school I wrote my first book when I was 16 I bought my first adult coloring book this year. Coloring relaxes me I have a new hobby called Pocket Letters I have a fan
I wrote my first manuscript when I was 16. It was hot romance. It’s funny now, but back then, I was an innocent teenager with no experience in the romance department. I don’t know how I was writing about it. All I can say is I had a vivid imagination. My mother’s friend volunteered to edit the story for me and she told my mom, “How does she know about all this stuff? ” I